Hire Top Performers with Predictive Analytics

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Employers rapidly learn, there's a huge difference between a worker who's matched correctly to the job and the organization, and one who isn’t. How do you find the right people to match to the jobs? You must have a comprehensive hiring and development strategy, and a well-prepared recruiting and selection program. The key is developing a program and use a proven recruiting system for the positions you need to fill. You should not be tempted to short circuit your process, because shortcutting it can [...]

2020 Six Considerations For A More Effective Hiring Process

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Hiring for Long-Term Success Hiring top-performing employees is the goal of every organization. Hiring the right employee for a specific position is the key to long-term success. Hiring is on a tear in our growing economy and it is nearly certain that it will continue in 2020. It’s proven that when organizations implement a well-defined hiring process ROI has a big improvement along with increased sales, customer service, increased productivity, quality, increased profits and much lower employee turnover. All organizations large or small must [...]

How AI Will Impact Your HR in the Future!

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Artificial intelligence is changing the hiring process. There are AI-driven applications in the marketplace. Whether you like it or not, if you don’t at least look into the possibilities of HR AI for your organization, you’ll be missing out. Not because it will replace people in your company, but because it will free up their time to do more important things. That way you can create an automated recruitment process that will eventually improve your quality of hire, your candidate experience and – perhaps most [...]


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What Makes a Great Manager? No matter what business you’re in, your company needs top-notch managers to drive results, lead teams, and develop talent. But what is it that drives some managers to outperform others, and what’s the secret ‘formula’ for selecting your best leaders? Find out! Fill out the  form below to DOWNLOAD The Infographic.

What It Takes to Find the Next Top Gun Employee

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What It Takes to Find the Next Top Gun Employee By Bill Schult Sr. Maximum Potential Inc. In the film Top Gun, the most memorable part of the movie was the unforgettable behavior and skill of pilot Pete, “Maverick” Mitchell. Every Naval recruiter wanted to find the next “Maverick.” For employers pursuing to find their next “Maverick", their next successful hiring result, the question that should ultimately be asked: "Where is the validity?”. Validity always counts when looking at employee productivity and cost savings [...]

Striking Out Hiring Salespeople

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In baseball, it is Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three and he's outta there. In sales, its Going, Going, Gone and he/she is outta there! This is what happens when organizations hire salespeople with little or no sales ability. In baseball or any other sport, before a player is offered a 10 Million Dollar or more contract, they are vetted in many ways. Why? Well, the success of the team hinges on how every player performs at their respective position. This same truth rings [...]

Five Most Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The job market has turned around! One thing is for sure – the current market for talent is Still teeming with people who are unemployed or under-employed and consequently looking for work. This creates a bit of a conundrum for hiring managers; we can be picky about whom we hire, but we’re also now forced to filter through an exponential number of candidate applications for every vacancy. Yet, regardless of the number of available jobs or the girth of the applicant pool, a company’s [...]

DISC vs A Validated & Predictive Sales Assessment

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DISC vs. A Validated & Predictive Sales Assessment A client’s resident psychologist’s reasons for moving from using a DISC based test to the validated and predictive sales assessment. 1) Many competitors DISC test vs. our decision to use the validated & predictive sales assessment DISC assessments focus only on four dimensions of an individual’s behavior as they relate to the work environment. The validated and predictive sales assessment, on the other hand, focuses specifically on personality traits that predict the candidate’s potential for sales [...]

Pigs Can’t Sing, Ducks Can’t Climb and Rabbits Make Poor Swimmers!

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Successful companies and organizations have realized that when you attempt to teach a pig to sing, you become very frustrated and it annoys the dickens out of the pig. If you want someone to sing, the best animal to look for would be a songbird. They are infinitely more qualified than any other animal and will be happy doing it. The animal kingdom is a great place to compare what were talking about when it comes to selecting the right person for a specific [...]

The Value and Benefits of Using DISC Personality Profiles : Proception2

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We’ve come to believe that DISC profiles are key to unlocking the Maximum Potential in every individual. We’ve helped our clients maximize their productivity potential through DISC assessments thousands of times, and have used what we’ve learned to develop Proception2, the most detailed and accurate DISC assessment platform on the market. If you are interested in taking our Proception2 Assessment for free, Click Here https://youtu.be/PvP7Km2cahw

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