Artificial intelligence is changing the hiring process. There are AI-driven applications in the marketplace. Whether you like it or not, if you don’t at least look into the possibilities of HR AI for your organization, you’ll be missing out. Not because it will replace people in your company, but because it will free up their time to do more important things.

That way you can create an automated recruitment process that will eventually improve your quality of hire, your candidate experience and – perhaps most importantly – the everyday working lives of your HR team.

52% of HR leaders say that identifying the right candidates from a pool of applicants is the most challenging part of their job, it seems clear that the experts feel this isn’t a task that can be done with people power alone.

The potential for AI to make an impact in HR is huge. Talent acquisition succeeds when it predicts the best candidates for a job and creates the relationships that convert those candidates to employees.

Think about how your hiring strategy might change if you could: Predict the best candidates for the job. Predict the passive candidates most likely to respond to your outreach. Predict the type of candidate your present hiring efforts attract. AI has the potential to provide an unprecedented competitive advantage.

10 Reasons to Consider using AI in Your Hiring Efforts

1.     Poor feedback from candidates.

2.     Poor feedback from hiring managers.

3.     Lengthy delays moving candidates from one step to the next.

4.     Low completion rates for hiring process actions.

5.     High candidate dropout.

6.     Vacancy fill times take too long.

7.     Failure to deal with large applicant volume

8.     Unable to “find” quality candidates in your applicant pool.

9.     Low applicant volume.

10.  Lack of employment branding content

Our SaaS-based AI-powered selection software uses predictive analytics to calculate a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in a role. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to make data-driven hiring decisions rather than decisions based on their gut feeling.

Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll be sharing many of the key benefits of our SaaS-based AI-powered selection system so you can see how and why it can help you in your efforts to hire more top-performing employees.

Bill Schult Sr. Maximum Potential Inc. 800.416.9570/651.452.8256