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Using Skills Assessments Over Education, Experience Requirements

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By Roy Maurer August 31, 2022 Research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) A significant portion of HR professionals value skills-based hiring assessments, and some would weigh them strongly as alternatives to traditional education and experience qualifications The survey of 1,688 SHRM members shows more than half of employers—56 percent—use pre-employment assessments to measure job applicants' knowledge, skills, and abilities. SHRM found that: 79 percent of HR professionals who use pre-hire assessments said that the skills evaluations are just as or more [...]

Assessments vs. Interviews

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Having sat on both sides of the interview table during the past 30 years I feel I can speak to the issue with some clarity. If you think about it, most interviews can be categorized into several areas. The two that seem to be predominant are the let’s “just visit” interview and the interview where the job candidate is told and sold. Not much worthwhile is gleaned from the “just visit” interview. I have watched managers and interviewers conduct their interviews in a very [...]

Predictive Assessments vs. the Rest of the Field

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Predictive Assessments vs. the Rest of the Field By Bill Schult CBA  What Does It Take to Predict Job Success?  The answer is a job-related and validated assessment.  There are plenty of assessments that are validated for other purposes. Many of these can be categorized as Style or Type assessments. This group of assessments are most often used for team building, identifying a person’s leadership style, behavioral style or type, communication style and perhaps his/her sales style. It is important to understand that while [...]

Pigs Can’t Sing, Squirrels Can’t Swim and Rabbits Make Poor Tree Climbers!

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Successful companies and organizations have realized that when you attempt to teach a pig to sing, you become frustrated and it annoys the dickens out of the pig. If you want an animal to sing, the best animal to look for would be a songbird. They are infinitely more qualified than any other animal and will be happy doing it. The animal kingdom is a great place to compare what we’re talking about when it comes to selecting the right person for a specific [...]

7 Reasons to Choose Your Assessment Vendor Carefully

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When you are considering using assessments for selecting employees here are seven red flags that you should think about before making your decision. One shot artist? – Potential users of assessments should be concerned if the vendor is offering only one type of assessment. There may be a situation where it might be alright, but when the goal is predicting performance accurately, this typically necessitates the use of different types of assessments. So, if a vendor offers only one assessment and proposes that assessment [...]

What It Takes to Find the Next Top Gun Employee

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What It Takes to Find the Next Top Gun Employee   By Bill Schult Sr. Maximum Potential Inc. In the film Top Gun, the most memorable part of the movie was the unforgettable behavior and skill of pilot Pete, “Maverick” Mitchell. Every Naval recruiter wanted to find the next “Maverick.” For employers pursuing to find their next “Maverick, their next successful hiring result, the question that should ultimately be asked-Where is the validity?” Validity always counts when looking at employee productivity and cost savings due [...]

It’s Time to Join the Digital Hiring Revolution

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Resumes are the Second Greatest Story Ever Told! Recruiting with resumes does not work. How many great resumes are thrown out because they don’t look pretty, or your team thinks they are on the wrong paper. Or that their degree was not what you were looking for or any other poor reason the resume wound up in file 13. Resumes don’t tell you anything about a candidate’s assessable abilities. They’re almost always embellished or exaggerated, making it impossible to objectively compare candidates to each other. [...]

Are you afraid to hire salespeople fearing that you will hire a failure?

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Well, you are not alone! VP’s of Sales, Directors of Sales and Sales Managers all have that same fear of hiring a failure. They have good reason to fear hiring a poor performing salesperson. Your organization’s sales team is the driving engine that must fire on all cylinders if your organization is going to be successful in winning out over the competition. Hiring top performing employees at all levels of an organization is important, but let me emphasize, that without top performing salespeople all [...]

Competency Spotlight: Policies, Processes and Procedures

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One of the basic requirements for many jobs is that an employee follows organizational policies. When a person is hired, they’re expected to adhere to certain processes and procedures, and when they don’t, oftentimes they end up underperforming or having to repeat a task until it is done correctly. This wastes time, and at the extreme, if the employee violates organizational policies, it may lead to them being let go, increasing turnover and racking up hiring expenses. Policies, Processes, and Procedures is a competency that [...]

Hire Top Performers with Predictive Analytics

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Employers rapidly learn, there's a huge difference between a worker who's matched correctly to the job and the organization, and one who isn’t. How do you find the right people to match to the jobs? You must have a comprehensive hiring and development strategy, and a well-prepared recruiting and selection program. The key is developing a program and use a proven recruiting system for the positions you need to fill. You should not be tempted to short circuit your process, because shortcutting it can [...]