Well, you are not alone! VP’s of Sales, Directors of Sales and Sales Managers all have that same fear of hiring a failure.

They have good reason to fear hiring a poor performing salesperson. Your organization’s sales team is the driving engine that must fire on all cylinders if your organization is going to be successful in winning out over the competition.

Hiring top performing employees at all levels of an organization is important, but let me emphasize, that without top performing salespeople all is for naught.
Working with VP’s of Sales, Directors of Sales and Sales Managers for nearly 40 years has provided me with tremendous insight into the minds of most sales leaders responsible for hiring their sales team.

I have learned that-
⦁ Hiring is the least favorite thing they have to do. Most totally dread having to go through the hiring process.
⦁ They don’t go through the hiring process every day, so they are not well prepared or very skilled at using the process.
⦁ They don’t have a process or assessments that screens in the better candidates with the necessary sales personality competencies or sales skills.
⦁ They interview poor candidates as sales finalist candidates causing them to spend an inordinate amount of time interviewing candidates with little or no chance of sales success.
⦁ Their interview process often leaves much to be desired. One organization actually said when I asked how they conducted their sales candidate interviews they responded; well our sales managers just visit with the candidate. That’s a sure-fire way to hire a loser!

⦁ Once hired the onboarding and training focus is on product knowledge only and soft skills and sales skills training is often non-existent, and the organization wonders why the salesperson failed.

What I have learned is costing organizations millions, in some cases 10’s of millions of dollars in time and effort to continually hire the wrong salespeople.

It is costing them still more millions in lost sales and customers due to hiring poor performing salespeople and it is costing still more in costs to terminate their poor performing salespeople.

This is where our organization comes in. We work with clients who are struggling with their selection process of identifying candidates with high potential early in the selection process.

This is where our class-leading video interviewing platform comes into play. It can conduct interviews 24/7. These interviews can be live, or video based. It saves clients hundreds of hours when hiring salespeople or other employees.

The next step in effective hiring is to have each candidate complete the online predictive sales assessment. The assessment does exactly what it designed to do, identify those candidates with the greatest potential for sales success.

Next, it builds an interview for your Sales VP, Director of Sales or Sales Manager. They won’t have to just visit with the candidate like my one client.
Once your organization hires a candidate, they can generate the developmental report to get the salesperson off to a good start.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The bigger question is why aren’t more organizations hiring this way?

Most think that it is too expensive when I share with them that they will invest about $200 per candidate. They tell me that if they were to test 20 candidates for one sales position that it would cost them $4,000 to hire one salesperson. Too much money they often say.

My question back to them is what does it cost you to hire the one, two, three, four or more salespeople who are failing with regularity, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 or more per failure not including your lost sales and customers?

Does your organization identify turnover costs on its balance sheet? If it did your Board of Directors would be terribly upset. They would demand change and more accountability in the years ahead.

If you are serious about getting your sales off to a fast start after the COVID-19 pandemic and you are serious about improving your sales team by hiring more top performing salespeople let’s have a short conversation to determine if our tools and assessments can help you off to a fast post COVID-19 start.

My email is billsr@maximumpotential.com phone 800.416.9570 / 651.452.8256