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DISC vs A Validated & Predictive Sales Assessment

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DISC vs. A Validated & Predictive Sales Assessment A client’s resident psychologist’s reasons for moving from using a DISC based test to the validated and predictive sales assessment. 1) Many competitors DISC test vs. our decision to use the validated & predictive sales assessment DISC assessments focus only on four dimensions of an individual’s behavior as they relate to the work environment. The validated and predictive sales assessment, on the other hand, focuses specifically on personality traits that predict the candidate’s potential for sales [...]

Pigs Can’t Sing, Ducks Can’t Climb and Rabbits Make Poor Swimmers!

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Successful companies and organizations have realized that when you attempt to teach a pig to sing, you become very frustrated and it annoys the dickens out of the pig. If you want someone to sing, the best animal to look for would be a songbird. They are infinitely more qualified than any other animal and will be happy doing it. The animal kingdom is a great place to compare what were talking about when it comes to selecting the right person for a specific [...]

The Value and Benefits of Using DISC Personality Profiles : Proception2

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We’ve come to believe that DISC profiles are key to unlocking the Maximum Potential in every individual. We’ve helped our clients maximize their productivity potential through DISC assessments thousands of times, and have used what we’ve learned to develop Proception2, the most detailed and accurate DISC assessment platform on the market. If you are interested in taking our Proception2 Assessment for free, Click Here https://youtu.be/PvP7Km2cahw

Leadership Assessments for Hiring

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Pre-employment testing and assessment is most often thought about for hourly- and supervisor positions. Because these positions have the largest number of employees, it can sometimes cause organizations to think they either can’t or shouldn’t use assessments for their leadership positions. This is not good reasoning. To address this misunderstanding, there are assessments and tests designed for leadership and executive level roles for selection and development. Recent data confirms leadership-level hiring is considerably more important because those individuals influence the culture making strategic business [...]