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Discover the True Potential of Your Employees

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your team members and create a more productive and harmonious work environment?

If your answer is YES, then join us for an exciting webinar on Proception2, the latest tool for assessing personality styles and unlocking employee potential!

Proception2 is a powerful assessment tool that can help you discover the unique strengths and potential limiters of each team member

By identifying their personality style, you can tailor your communication, coaching, and development efforts to maximize their potential.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The history of DISC
  • Why DISC is a language of observation
  • The number of DISC style combinations
  • How to use DISC personality reports effectively in your organization
  • How to maximize each page of a Proception2 report
  • The power of the Procption2 Team Style Map
  • How to become a Certified Behavioral Analyst

This webinar is ideal for HR professionals, managers, and team leaders interested in unlocking the true potential of their team members.

Join us on May 16th. 2023

1 -2:00 PM  CST

For this informative webinar and discover the true potential of your employees with Proception2