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Simple and Affordable, Effective and Productive

Working managers should not be burdened and inconvenienced with paperwork and administration. HR should not be burdened by chasing down managers to complete performance review forms and mediating complaints from disappointed employees. SimpleEvals helps remove the hassle and enables a manager to invest his or her time in evaluating employee performance and writing helpful employee comments, not filling out and copying paperwork.

SimpleEvals will:

  Improve the quality and completion rates of your employee appraisals. 
  Align employee goals and development activities to business priorities.
  Track and manage the entire appraisal workflow.
  Conduct appraisals your way, using your process and your competencies.
  Customize performance criteria by position or department.
  Store completed reviews on line or use SimpleEvals’ convenient print function.

 Each SimpleEvals account includes:

  •     Anytime, anywhere secure online access.
  •     System maintenance and upgrades during the license period.
  •     Extensive library of competencies and performance factors.
  •     Secure and centralized administrative control pane.
  •     E-mail notification for managers, employees, and HR.
  •     Self appraisal option.
  •     Unique employee log-ins to review  and comment on his/her evaluation.
  •     Electronic signature to confirm review or acceptance by employee.
  •     Administrative reports and summaries.

Other SimpleEvals options include multi-rater (360) module and content and/or system customization.