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Orion Pre-Employment Integrity Survey

Know your applicants before you hire them

Orion Pre-employment Surveys are as close as you can get to this kind of information. And, you can get it in minutes. Orion surveys give a quick snap-shot of an applicant's:
  • work-related attitudes
  • attitudes that lend to on-the-job behavior
  • behavior that either boosts or shrinks profits
Report options are available.

An applicant's Orion Profile includes four sections. Each section includes information vital to hiring the best applicant.
Validity Level
The Validity Level tells to what extent the applicant tried to tell you what he / she thought you wanted to hear. This is the first information on the Profile because it tells about the reliability of the remaining information
Certain questions ask the applicant to describe past behavior along with work activities the applicant likes and dislikes. The Self-Assessments highlight potential problems or positives.
Attitude Scales
Depending on the survey version used, the Profile provides a combination of work-related attitudes scales. Every Profile includes Supervisory, Work, Drug Use, and Theft Attitude Scales. The remaining scales appear in various combinations on different survey versions.
How the applicant is to accept direction from supervisors and follow company policies and procedures. Also reflects the applicant's supervisory potential.
How likely the applicant is to be absent or tardy; also how well the applicant values the workplace and working with a team.
Workplace Drug Use
Tells you how permissive the applicant's attitudes are toward illegal workplace drug use and its impact on the workplace.
Workplace Theft
Tells you how likely the applicant is to rationalize workplace theft and cheating. Other Attitude Scales - depends upon the Orion Profile used:

Prospects for Long-Term Employment
Customer Service
Safety and Risk Avoidance
Sales Attitudes