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E-Net Select On-line Applicant Tracking System

Our complete on-demand applicant tracking system (ATS) for companies of all sizes Enables HR executives, hiring managers and recruiters to collaborate and enjoy company-wide hiring success.

E-et Select is available for a low monthly investment. E-Net Select is the cost effective way to get started with an ATS system.

Attract Top Talent to Your Company
With E-Net searchable candidate pools, and powerful recruiter productivity tools, you'll not only capture desirable candidates, but hire the best of them faster.

Grow Your Company
E-Net Select applicant tracking system provides functionality that can grow with your organization. You can take advantage of multiple hiring workflows, reporting, online screening, interview guides and more-all at an affordable price.

Improve the Quality of Your Hiring
Use validated assessments developed by licensed psychologists to screen your pool of candidates to help hire more top performing employees. Monitor each step from the resume review through hiring manager sign-off and manage post-hire performance metrics to monitor and improve your hiring process.

Strategic Visibility to Hiring Results
Through well-designed recruiting processes, hiring dashboards and reporting capabilities, you'll get a complete picture of how you are progressing against your recruiting targets and plans so that you can better manage your business, all from one applicant tracking system.

Reduce Your Time to Hire
Source, identify and hire talent faster with streamlined recruiting processes and tools. E-Net Select applicant tracking system has everything you need to quickly source, search and select top candidates

Reduce Overall Cost per Hire
E-Net Select will help you reduce your time to hire, by using the pre-screen capability  built into the E-net Select system. You will hire better quality candidates. You  will optimize your hiring decisions, minimize re-hiring and reduce overall cost per hire.

Loved by Recruiters...
With E_Net Select, I get complete control of the recruiting and hiring process and this enables us to capture, identify and collaborate with hiring managers to hire top talent faster - all in one easy to use solution.

Critical for Managers...
E-Net Select gives me complete visibility into our hiring process and accurate and up to date information on how we are meeting our goals. HR and management are better able to communicate and this results in better and faster hires.

Appreciated by Applicants...
I appreciate when a company values me and my time by offering and engaging me in an efficient hiring process. Effective and consistent communications keeps me informed, interested and up to date on the status of my application.



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