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Prescreening & Selection


The well researched and validated hiring and employee selection assessments available from Maximum Potential can help your organization make a more informed hiring decision. The effectiveness of our assessments used in the selection process comes from high quality validation work that has been done to identify top performers in a wide variety of positions. Each of our selection assessments and services can help you hire top performing employees for non-exempt (hourly) positions, supervisor/manager positions, sales and professional positions. Read more....

The Select Associate System
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Orion Pre-Employment
Integrity Survey
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Assess for Professional & Managerial Talent Selection
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E-Net Hire Hourly Workplace
Attitudes Survey
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Oral-Ezet Oral Fluid Drug Testing...To Learn More
SalesMax: Hire & Develop Top Performing Salespeople
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Trusted Employees Employment Background Screening Solution
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E-Net Select On-line Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
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"No Duty the executive
has to perform is
so trying as to put the
 right man
in the right place."

- Thomas Jefferson