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Perception's 360

Maximize Performance Potential

Multi-rater or 360 degree feedback is a tool used in many organizations for helping employees at all levels gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs by providing feedback from multiple perspectives -- peers, subordinates, managers, and internal and external customers.

Many employees in today's work environment are "feedback poor." This means they do not receive accurate feedback of how well they are doing. Adding to this problem, corporate culture and social rules can often impede honest discussions about a person's performance, especially his or her weaknesses.
So what does an organization need to improve its overall performance if it is so hard for employees to learn how to improve themselves? The answer is 360-degree feedback.

Leadership Development
Executives, managers and supervisors can better understand their respective strengths and areas for development.

Individual Skill Development
Members of the team give each other feedback about personal leadership abilities, team interaction and workplace skills.

Team Development
Analyze teams by receiving input from customers and other stakeholders.

Sales Development
Salespeople can receive feedback from their sales manager, sales team members, support staff and customers.

- Provides cost effective feedback on a continuous basis
- Fosters greater individual and work group performance
- Reduces the barriers that inhabit creativity and innovation
- Promotes better cooperation between individuals and operating units
- Measures individual and organizational improvements over time