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Mission Statement

Maximum Potential is an employee selection and development resource, which specializes in the development and sale of tests and assessments to be used in the selection, hiring, training and development of employees.

The company is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to a set of beliefs and values, which reflect a commitment to our distributors and their clients of providing quality products and services.

It is our mission to secure qualified distributors, provide them with the knowledge and products to help them grow their client base.

It is our continuing intention to provide products and services that are appropriate, useful, affordable, and above all, supportive of the end users goals and objectives of hiring top performing employees.

The Maximum Potential tests and assessments are specifically designed to help companies select, hire, train and retain top performing employees.

It is our hope that a relationship with Maximum Potential will equip our distributors with the knowledge, skills and products to build their business of helping their prospects and clients in the employee selection and development areas.

We share the same goals as our distributors, and that is to create business strategies that will enable each of us to experience life with an optimum amount of physical, social, emotional and economic well-being.

Maximum Potential, by nature is a constant source of new ideas, products and services for our distributor team.

Maximum Potential is a value-added market-driven organization, and like its distributors depends on market acceptance for its continued survival and growth.

Maximum Potential believes in the right to earn a fair profit and for our distributors to do so as well.

We strive to be the best at what we do and sincerely have a desire to have, and maintain, a respected reputation for effectiveness, quality, value and integrity.

We believe that our moral and legal responsibilities are one and the same. We will strive to practice the disciplines associated with this value by avoiding practices, which encourage irresponsible control over circumstances, and events that can have a harmful effect on the individuals and orgainzations involved.


"No Duty the executive
has to perform is
so trying as to put the
 right man
in the right place."

- Thomas Jefferson