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Clint Schult, Distributor Development




Throughout our life we are called upon to participate in numerous roles; I believe, no matter how different these roles may be one will draw upon their own strengths and core values to excel in a given area. With nearly 15 years of experience with Maximum Potential my roles have varied. I now find myself in the role of head of Distributor Development. In this role, I work closely with current and potential distributors as well as our personal client base. Providing insight, knowledge and a personal touch to each of our distributors and their clients, I conduct numerous conference calls and webinars focusing on product training, product placement and support that aids the distributors in their sales and service roles.

Being an integral member of a successful family business has been very rewarding. It has allowed me to work with clients and individuals who share the same passion and desire about what they do; leading companies to new heights on a professional, financial or personal level.

I received my education at the University of Minnesota - Duluth, earning a B.A. degree in Business Communication. This degree was a great springboard into my early roles at Maximum Potential and is a vital component in my continued success.

Time away from the office is spent with my wife, Tammy, and our two children, Weston and Violet. We enjoy our time as a family - spending time at the family cabin is one of our favorite things to do together. I also enjoy running, basketball and cycling.

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