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Bill Schult Jr., Distributor Development




People ask me how long have I been in the family business?  My response also has been, since I was born.  I have been with Maximum Potential since 1994.  Before that I worked for Sam's Club while going to college.  Doing that time I became a floor supervisor. One of my responsibilities was to be a part of a hiring team. That's when I became familiar with one of the tools that we currently market, Orion.   After college I has hired by a recruiting firm to help place high end CNC machinist and mechanical drafter's.  That is were I gained first hand knowledge of the importance of a solid selection practice.  The skills that I learn over those years have allowed me to help train and coach our clients - distributors the importance of having an effective hiring practice.

I received my degrees from the University of Wisconsin of River Falls.  Earning double major in Psychology and Business Communication.  This has helped me understand the science behind the assessments and products that we market.

Outside of work I have been involved with the Optimist Club of Burnsville MN.  I was the president of the club from 1996 -1997. During that time, we created one of the largest youth Oratorical Contest for kids between grades 7th to 9th.  We had a total of over 250 kids participate.  I have been the head coach for my son's basketball teams for the last couple years.  In the spring and summer, I help coach baseball and softball. 

I'm married to my wife Roberta and have two wonderful kids, Alexandria and William Riley.  I enjoy traveling the country with my wife and seeing what this great country has to offer.  I'm very interested in scuba diving, golfing and skiing.  Also enjoy taking by family up north to go fishing or skiing.

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