Aim a Training Rifle for Sales Success
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By Bill Schult Sr

Introducing the Sales Acumen Survey.

The Sales Acumen Survey is designed to help your clients discover an individual’s awareness and knowledge of the strategies necessary for sales success at key stages of the sales process in the consultative oriented sales model. It helps your clients determine who needs training and what areas of training each salesperson requires.

No longer will your clients have to shotgun their approach to providing knowledge and skills training for their sales team. Now, they will have valuable, specific information on the training needs of every salesperson that completes the Sales Acumen Survey.

It’s often said the best salespeople are “born – not made.” This may be true for traits such as resilience, assertive and serious minded. However, it’s not true for the essential processes and skills associated with effective selling. They must be learned.

So what are the elusive knowledge and skill sets that separate successful sellers from the less successful salespeople? They are the seven key areas of the sales process that a salesperson must understand to meet the needs of the customer and deliver strong sales for the organization.

Knowing how to approach a sales situation comes naturally for some salespeople. Other salespeople need to improve their understanding and application of the steps necessary to increase their sales effectiveness to achieve sales success.

The Sales Acumen Survey measures those areas of knowledge and skills that can be learned by the salesperson to help him/her achieve sales success. These areas are prospecting, first meeting, probing, presenting, influencing, working through objections, closing and general sales knowledge.

Each area of the consultative sales process measured by the survey have 10 questions designed to provide an in-depth look at the salesperson’s understanding of that important phase of the sales process.

The salesperson’s results are placed on a scale of 0 to 100 for each of the areas measured by the Sales Acumen Survey. The higher the salesperson scores in each stage of the consultative sales process measured by the survey, the better his or her knowledge is in this particular selling stage.

Coaches are the toughest critics we know, so we invite you to see for yourself!

To test drive the Sales Acumen Survey and receive your FREE Sales Acumen Survey report, please call 800-416-9570/651-452-8256 or email to

We’ll process your free report and email it to you for your review and use. We’ll share with you how you can begin offering the Sales Acumen Survey to your clients, while generating additional profits for your business.


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